BSL Nights 2020 - Game 7 Recaps

Cordoba @ Medina

This game was an exciting one as it was the final game of the season with so much on the line. Cordoba needed a tie or a win to secure that 2nd seed while Medina needed to win the game to get that 2 spot. The game started off in Cordoba’s favor as they jumped on the offensive very quickly putting up a 7 spot. Medina responded by putting up 4 runs and getting right back in this game. Both teams played well defensively but both offenses found the gaps making the defenses work. In this high scoring game, each team had 1 inning where they scored 0 points but the rest of the innings had at least 4 runs scored. There must have been a glitch in the matrix as Bilal Javed and Yusauf Chaudhry had identical stats with 7 RBIs and 2 homeruns each while Zain Khilji also pitched in with a dinger and 3 RBIs. Medinas bats were also flowing as the usual suspects, Omer Chaudhry and Sulemann Man hit a combined 3 homeruns bringing in 11 big RBIs.

Final inning, Medina would need 6 runs to win this game which isn’t an impossible task but not an easy one against the dangerous defense of Cordoba. Medina’s top was up to bat so if there was ever a time for Medina to make a comeback, this was it. The top performed as expected and everyone got on base. With some smart base running and 1 out, they were only down by 2 with 2 runners on base. That’s when the Kala Mamba stepped up to the plate. He knew that we needed 3 runs to win the game and he just needed to make good contact to keep the chains moving. Instead of playing it safe, Kala stepped up and blasted a 3 run homerun to not only win this game but will his team into 2nd place. You wana talk about leading by example, look no further. If there was ever a time for Kala to hit his first homerun or the season, he couldn’t have timed this any better.  Medina had a very up and down season but this game summed up what Medina is all about. Down but never out. Although, all teams are more or less equal in terms of skill, It doesn’t matter because what you really need is 100% effort from all of your guys. Effort and working hard is what wins games. As long as everyone plays hard, you can be proud of the result. Cordoba may have gone winless in their last 4 games but they are one of the most dangerous teams with their fire power and can turn a game around at any moment. Whoever faces Cordoba in the playoffs is going to need lots of duas and some good luck.

These 2 teams have a chance of meeting again in the playoffs. If that happens, the gloves are coming off and at that point, its do or die… Medina takes this one in a thriller 25-24

 Game Highlights

  • Aatif Parvez – 4/4
  • Aslam Abdullah - 3/3, 2 RBIs
  • Omer Chaudhry – 3/4, HR, 6 RBIs with some nice grabs in LF
  • Suleman Mann – 2/3, 2HR, 5RBIs
  • Mohammad Kala - 3/4, 4 RBIs and Game winning walk off HR
  • Tanseer Khawaja – 2 RBIs
  • Sunny Murad – 2 RBIs
  • Hamid Malik/Sulaman Mann – excellent play in CF
  • Bilal Javed - 4/4, 2HR, 7RBIs
  • Yusauf Chaudhry - 5/5, 2HR, 7RBIs
  • Ahmad Ammad - 3/3, 2 RBIs, 2BB
  • Zain Khilji – HR, 3 RBIs
  • Furqan Usman – 2 RBIs


Damascus @ Medina

Week 7 pitted 2 teams looking to claim the 2 double knockout positions entering the playoffs, with Damascus looking to cement 1st place, and Medina looking to claim the all-important 2nd place.  Just as important, was also the BBQ wars as both teams were planning big BBQ’s this week.  Food aside, the game started off with Damascus putting up a quick 5 runs in the first 2 innings, but Medina would counter, adding 4 of their own to keep the game competitive.  As has been the case all year, Damascus proves that the next man up is always waiting and ready.  With leadoff man Hatf Sohail missing this week, Riyad Ramjaun was bumped up to lead off and lead the way with 4 hits and was on base all 5 at bats.  The game was split wide open in the 4th inning, with Damascus putting up a mercy inning, with Farooq Sani & Safwan Khan each hitting big time homeruns.  Damascus got some big time hitting from the bottom of the lineup, with Awais Malik continuing his hot hitting, going 3-4, while Aftab Khan drive in 3.  Medina got within 7, after a big day from Tanseer Khawaja (hitting a big time HR) and Imran Qureshi but could not muster any more.  It’s quite possible that Medina was concentrating more on the food waiting instead of playing softball, as the boys in yellow made another 7 errors in the field.  Damascus claims the win and 1st overall, while Medina goes back to the drawing board against Cordoba in game 2, attempting to right the ship and try to get that elusive 2nd place.

  • Riyad Ramjaun leading the way with 4 hits
  • Farooq Sani & Safwan Khan both with a HR a piece
  • Abbas Allidina & Aftab Khan driving in 3 runs each
  • Awais Malik going 3-4
  • Hassan Chaudhry & Imran Merchant going a combined 5-8 and driving in 4 runs
  • Tanseer Khawaja going a perfect 3-3 and driving in 4
  • Imran Qureshi adding to his league leading average, going a perfect 3-3


Damascus @ Lahore

The nightcap placed Damascus against Lahore, but more importantly, the BBQ was up and running.  With Damascus already locking up 1st place, the boys in blue looked like they were more interested in eating and grilling than playing, with several the team’s leaders sitting off to grill instead of fielding.  On the flip side, Lahore was looking for a win after tying their first game.  The game started exactly as one would expect, and Damascus not concentrating on the game, and running on a pop fly wit only 1 out.  Lahore would look to capitalize, and quickly put up 3 runs from timely hitting by GM Aftab Sheikh and Omar Khattab.  With heads back in the game, Damascus would start chipping away at the lead, with GM Safwan Khan leading the way.  Trying to will his team to another win, Safwan hit not 1, not 2 but 3 HR’s in this game, and driving in 8 runs.  Unfortunately, the rest of Damascus decided to take the night off and did very little.  Lahore kept adding to their lead, with Neal Irfan hitting a HR, and Saad Ibrahim and Fawad Shaikh, both hitting doubles and driving in 4.  Up 8 going into the final inning, Damascus made a final attempt, and put up 5, but fell 3 runs short.  Lahore picks up the win in the final game of the regular season, while Damascus leaves knowing they only lost by 3, while not being really involved in the game.  Afterwards, is what was the thing this league is all about, and both teams came together and broke bread, in true brotherhood fashion.  With the final standings set, all teams are now gearing up for next week’s playoffs, with Damascus getting a double knockout, and Lahore in a do or die.  On a final note, we would like to congratulate Safwan Khan on finishing the season by tying the all-time HR record with 16 and breaking the all-time RBI record with 60.

  • Safwan Khan hitting 3 HR, and driving in 8, claiming the HR title and breaking the all-time RBI record with a total of 60
  • Imran Merchant batting a perfect 3-3
  • Aftab Sheikh and Omar Khattab both with 2 hits
  • Neal Irfan going 3-4, and hitting a big HR
  • Saad Ibrahim & Fawad Shaikh both with 2 big doubles and both driving in 2 runs each
  • Nirvaan Latif with a double and driving in 3 runs