Team Outlook: Cairo


One thing is for sure, Cairo GM Yasser Malik has something to prove this year. Despite leading BSL Nights season 1 in Wins, Runs For and Run Differential and not to mention the countless hardware scooped up by the orange men, Cairo couldn’t walk away with the championship (the clipboard did feel the wrath)

Cairo kept AGM Ali Chaudhry as expected who is always fun to watch both offensively and defensively. Malik’s first round pick of Miqdad Jaffer is a solid veteran pick who will definitely keep the team in check and perhaps be Cairo’s pitcher? Yasser is definitely keeping this position close to his chest. 

From here onwards Cairo wanted to ensure that character players rounded out the line up, so they grabbed two above average two way players Basser Yaseen and Jav Ahmed. Cairo, wanting to keep last years team chemistry and brought back Harris Shahzad and Haft Sohail who all provided quality hitting and above average fielding. Towards the middle-late rounds of the draft, Cairo stuck to the formula - stick to the scouting plan.  First, they picked up Jibran Khan (BSL Sunday league experience) and Bilal Khan (.500 hitter) who provided timely hitting for their respective teams in 2018. Then, they found a hidden gem as they were able to snag The Shark, Abdu Sharkawy, who was a key contributing member to Medina's championship run last year.  

Cairo seems to be an interesting team for 2019. Even though they lost many key from last year's squad like Tamour Sheikh, Zia "Doc" Beg and Abdullah Akhtar they still kept their championship level calibre core of gold gloves, pitching excellence and last year's MVP.  In addition, Cairo's deeply scouted picks led them to landing several character players.  As a result, many believe Cairo to be a frontrunner once again this season.