BSL Winterball Rules and Website

BSL Winterball starts on January 25th. We have three teams (Grand Salam, Snow Jays and Wolfpack) and SPN has provided one team. Games will be played at either Lakeshore Collegiate Institute or Wet N Wild.

The schedule and stats will be posted at

There are some unique rules for Domeball and it might take a few games for players to adjust. For any questions, please approach the umpire for clarification. Here are some of the rules: 

1. Each week will have a doubleheader against the same team
2. The game is an hour long with final inning being called with 10 mins left. No limit on the number of innings. 
3. There is a 5 run mercy rule each inning except the last inning.
4. There is no game mercy rule.
5. There is no homerun limit rule. 
6. Within the dome, there are two games being played concurrently. If a ball from the other game is hit into your infield, the umpire is expected to call time to make room for that play to complete. 
7. You must have a minimum of 9 players to field a team.
8. The opposing team is not required to supply a catcher during any point of the game.
9. There is an unlimited amount of courtesy runners and anyone can pinch run. 
10. No alcohol/drugs can be consumed within the dome by the players. 

Pitching and Count
1. Every at-bat will start with a 1-1 count
2. Any legal pitch that hits the plate without a swing is an automatic strikeout (you are allowed to ghost swing and miss the ball)
3. Foul ball with 2 strikes is an out

1. Any ball that hits the dome(or any other object connected to the dome such as lights) within fair territory is in play and can be caught.
2. Any ball that hits the dome in foul territory and is caught by a fielder, is not an out (unless it is a strikeout)
3. Any ball that is hit into foul territory but does not hit the dome and is caught, is considered an out.
4. Homeruns are only obtained by rounding all the bases while the ball is in play.
5. No matter where the ball is hit (sidelines, benches etc.) the ball is always in play. This also includes overthrows. 
6. Any ball that is obstructed in anyway (example: caught in netting) is considered live.

Running Bases
1. If you touch home plate you will be called out. 
2. If a player is on a base, anticipation is allowed. This means when the pitched ball enters the batting zone and the batter starts to swing the runners are allowed to run at this point. 
3. Stealing bases is not allowed when the ball is not live. A batter caught doing this will be called out. (leaving before a pitched ball enters the batters zone will be considered steal and thus considered an out).
4. There is no commitment line between third base and home plate. The runner can turn back at any time. To get them out you must tag them or have the ball while standing on home plate when they cross home plate.

1. A player can be added to the game at any point but must be added to the bottom of the lineup
2. If a player leaves the game early before a game ends, that player is considered to be an auto out when it is their turn to bat. 
3. The batting lineup must be maintained throughout the game. 

1. The ball is a softer ball that safe to use in the dome (12 inch Jugs Softie)
2. Cleats or turf shoes are recommended but running shoes will work as well 
3. Players are required to bring their own gloves and bats (or share team bats)
4. Team jerseys are not a requirement however color coordinating is recommended.
5. Only ASA or USSSA stamped bats are allowed within this league. All other bats will result in an ejection. 

1. All teams make it to the playoffs. 
2. Playoffs will be April 5th and April 12th

We hope you enjoy the season.