BSL Nights 2020 - Playoff Recaps

Lahore @ Cordoba


In our first playoff game of the season, Cordoba would play host to a desperate Lahore squad who came into the playoffs as the last place team. Still, that means nothing as all teams had a great core and on a rainy day like this one, this game could have gone either way. Lahore was quick to jump out front as they started off by bringing in 4 runs while Cordoba would put up just 1 to start things off. Lahore could’ve kept their foot on the gas but Cordoba cracked down on them hard and held Lahore to a  goose egg for the next couple of innings. Cordoba would finally wake up in the 3rd inning mercying Lahore thanks to some slick hitting and excellent base running increasing their lead to 10-4. They would however, stop chugging along as their bats decided to take a break after the 3rd inning. Lahore’s bats would take advantage as the boys started to rally behind the big bats of Nirvaan Latif and Ismael Kara who both had a dinger each, sparking their boys to start making some noise. With Lahore down and the game slowly coming to an end, it was time to put everything on the line and start playing like there was no tomorrow. Some of the bigger shots helped the boys wake up as guys were starting to get on base while Cordoba was starting to panic. Lahore kept their composure and started to pick the gaps. Their runners were starting to fill the bases and the chains were moving. They brought the score close enough to set up their big time hitter Omar Khatab to walk in and smash a 3 run dinger to tie this game top of the 7th.  The crowd was going absolutely nuts as they couldn’t believe this game was tied. Cordoba did have a chance to ice the game but Lahore shut them down and sent this game to extra innings. With the guys already exhausted and time running out, they had to gut it out for at least another inning. Lahore would start off with 1 man on 2nd base and one out. Ismail Kara was up to bat and was intentionally walked to create a force play and avoid giving up a homerun. That plan would pay off as Lahore would bring in just one run in the inning but that’s all they could muster up as Cordoba brought up the heart of their lineup. Ahmed Ammad was up to bat with a runner at 2nd. Ahmed was obviously walked because we all know his homerun power. He could’ve ended the game but Lahore decided to give him the walk bringing up Bilal Javed. Bilal as usual found the gap for a massive double which brought in Zain Malik for the game tying run. With Crazy on 3rd base and Bilal occupying 2nd, Yusauf Chaudhry was up to bat but Lahore decided to walk him as well loading the bases. All Cordoba needed was a Sac fly to win this game and that is exactly what our beloved commissioner did as he casually walked up to the plate and blasted a high one, allowing Ahmed Ammad to run in for the win.

Lahore had a fantastic season and though there were some ups and down, this could’ve been anyone’s year. The playoff game proved that. Lahore shouldn’t hang their heads as they played a fantastic final game. they played their hearts out and left everything on the table. Team Lahore’s captains should be proud of the way they ended off the season.  As for Cordoba, they live to play another day. Although the squad was happy with the win against Lahore, they are far from satisfied. Can the bad boys in yellow take down Kala’s squad next week? We’ll have to wait and see as both teams prepare for a do or die match. Winner moves on to face a dominant Damascus squad while the loser goes home.  

Cordoba 13

Lahore 12


Game Highlights:

 Nirvaan Latif: HR, 2 RBI’s

Omar Khattab: Game tying HR, 3 RBI’s, 2BB

Shamil Khadaroo: HR, 3 RBI’s

Ismail Kara: 2/3, HR, RBI

Neal Irfan/Arsalan Abdullah: Combined for 2 RBI’s

Ahmed Ammad: 2/3, HR, RBI

Akf Waheed: 2 RBI’s, game winning sac-fly/RBI

Khawar Anwar: Clutch HR, 3 RBI’s (His first HR since his finals Grand-slam)

Pasha Mohammed: 2/3, 2 RBI’s, great play at SS

Furqan Usman/Bilal Malik/Abdul Butt: Combined for 3 RBI’s

Bilal Javed: 3/4, 3 RBI’s


Medina @ Damascus


After a big rainfall and delay, the double knockout game between Medina & Damascus was finally able to start.  Players tried keeping warm and ready while standing around for a few hours, but both teams knew what was on the line: win and you’re in; lose and play a do or die the following week.  Medina wasted no time and started the game off by putting up a 7 spot in a mercy 1st inning.  Omer Chaudhry kept his hot hitting and blasted 1 of his 2 HR’s on the night and finished with 5 RBI’s, while league batting leader, Imran Qureshi drove in 5 himself on the night.  Damascus was able to get a few back in the bottom half of the 1st, but Medina continued to pour it on and held a 9-3 lead going into the bottom of the 2nd.  As has been the motto all year, Damascus is never out of any game, and the leaders on the team rallied the troops to remind them why they finished in 1st place.  Safwan Khan and Abbas Allidina both hit HR’s and Damascus put up 2 straight 7 run mercy innings and the tide was quickly shifted.  Medina tried to claw back as Suleman Mann and Atif Parvaiz both went a perfect 3-3 on the night.  Hamid Malik had a shot as he sent a ball into orbit, but Farooq Sani was able to snag it at the fence to keep the game out of reach.  Up by 5, the boys in blue hit the nail in the coffin, thanks to Shane Worthington, who blasted a game changing 2 out Grand Slam.  Damascus continued their hitting as Hassan Chaudhry, Salman Ahmad and Aftab Khan went a combined 9-9, while Riyad Ramjaun drove in 3 on the night.  After going down 9-3 after 2 innings, Damascus outscored Medina 20-4 for the rest of the game and showed their never say die attitude as they ended up winning 23-13.  Damascus now goes straight to the finals while Medina needs to regroup and play a do or die game against Cordoba next week to determine the other finalist.  Can Medina put this disastrous performance (after the 2nd inning) behind them and play like we all know they can?  Will Damascus continue to dominate opponents and lift the trophy this year or will they lay an egg in the final game??  With only 1 week and 3 team left, the 2020 BSL Nights playoffs have proven just how crazy and fun these games can be.  Don’t miss out on the final week as it is sure to provide fireworks.

  • Safwan Khan & Abbas Allidina both with HR’s and driving in a combined 7 runs
  • Shane Worthington with his first non “Doc” HR, opening the game wide open with a grand slam
  • Hassan Chaudhry wins the Chaudhry bowl against older bro Omer, while going 3-3
  • Salman Ahmad & Aftab Khan both batted a perfect 3-3
  • Riyad Ramjaun driving in 3 runs
  • Atif Parvaiz, Suleman Mann & Tanseer Khawaja all batted a combined 9-9
  • Omer Chaudhry with 2 HR’s and driving in 5
  • Imran Qureshi drove in 5 runs along with a HR