BSL Nights 2019 Finals Preview

Finals Preview - Damascus vs Cordoba

And then there were 2…

 Its been a long season and with everyone playing their hearts out, its unfortunate anyone had to taste elimination. That being said, the 2 teams that cruised all season long thanks to their incredible efficiency and all round team play finally meet in a much anticipated finals. This game will have a combination of big hitting along with some incredible defense. Damascus is well known for their high powered offense but their defense has been heavily under rated. With Imran “the gentle giant” Qureshi manning 1st base, Abul Murrad at SS, Ahmed “Crazy” Ammad, Akif “ Commiss” Waheed and Safwan Khan anchoring the outfield, it looks like their most important positions are rock solid and are looking like a dangerous squad. On the flip side, Cordoba has a batting lineup full of power and place hitters and so far, no defense has been able to fully stand in their way. Their offense has carried them all season long thanks to guys like Bilal “Miandad” Javed, Rookie Sensation Faisal Shamshad, Zaid “steady” Ghansar and Umair Wasim. That doesn’t mean they don’t have defensive gem’s hiding amongst their rosters. With guys like Yusauf Chaudhry, Khurram Channa, and Sulemann Mann, Cordoba is never out of the game. With all this talent gushing out of these 2 teams, its only fitting that this highly anticipated clash will be one of the most anticipated finals in BSL nights history. As the newest expansion team, does Damascus have what it takes to go the distance or will they suffer the same fate as the Vegas Golden Knights? A fired up Cordoba team will definitely have something to say about that.


What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? We’re about to find out!


Damascus vs Cordoba

Thursday September 19, 2019 @ 8:00pm. Don’t miss it!!