BSL Nights Season 2 - Week 3 Recap

How about those Rainy Thursdays huh? So far every team has only played 1 game and are itching to get back on the field but it doesn’t look mother nature has been too kind to our cause. We did see some brief action between Damascus and Medina although that game was quickly called off as the field started collecting massive puddles rendering the field unplayable. The only option was to waddle back to the parking lot covering our heads with whatever we could find and hope for a better day next Thursday. Although we will do our best to schedule make up games, some games might end up not being played at all due to lack of available fields. In any case, there is plenty of softball to be played and lots to look forward to. Next Thursday the weather seems to be looking up, so keep your Duas coming and those spirits sky high! 


Istanbul plays host to Lahore – 6:30pm

  • Both teams are looking to pick up their first win of the season. Do we finally get to see the new and improved Istanbul’s this week or will Lahore’s defense rise to the occasion and hold them to yet another underwhelming day at the plate?


Istanbul Hosts Damascus – 8:00pm

  • Damascus is still looking for their first ever win and will look to build off a solid performance from last week in a tightly contested loss while the red squad get ready to play their second game of a back to back set.


Cairo hosts Cordoba – 9:30pm

  • Cairo hosts Cordoba as both teams try to get their second win in as many games and try to stay undefeated. Which team comes out on top? We’ll find out, this Thursday!