BSL Nights Season 2 - Week 1 Outlook

Lahore vs Cordoba (H)

Alright, here we go!!! 

Much anticipated BSLN is back for a second season and boy has it been a long wait. Cardoba hosts Lahore in the very first game of the season. This rematch of last years semi finals should be a great one to watch as Cardoba edged out Lahore for a birth in the finals. Both teams have big power and are looking to get a jump start in the standings.  Captain Yousaf is away on a secret mission and regrets that he'll miss the game but he thinks his boys can handle business while he steps away for a few weeks. Lahore is looking for some revenge but more than that they just want to start the season off the right away. The Channa brothers will face off against one another in the first of many meetings this year. It has yet to be determined who the better brother is and tonight could be a nice glimpse into this life long rivalry. Cardoba or Lahore? We'll find out soon enough...

Damascus vs Cairo (H)

Our second game of the season features the best regular season team from last year, Cairo hosting the newest team in BSLN, Damascus. Cairo again looks like a solid team on paper lead by Yasser and Ali. In order for Damascus to come out on top, they'll have to keep the ball away from hot shot SS Ali Chaudhry as he'll be out there leading the infield. As last years homerun champ/MVP he's also a threat to smash it out of the park at any given moment. On the opposite side, Damascus is no joke and they have super HR hitter Ahmad "Cray" Ammad who is also a threat to score runs in bunches. With 2 of the best HR hitters in our league facing off, itll be a fun offensive game to watch. Will Damascus win their first ever game or will Cairo spoil their much anticipated debut? I guess we'll find out tonight..

Istanbul vs Medina (H)
The 3rd matchup on this opening night is a tasty one as these 2 rivals have been going at it since last year. All games played have been nail biters as istanbul edged out Medina by 1 point in the first 2 games while Medina took the next 2 inclduing a crazy wild card game. Captain Zain Malik will also be going up against his older and much more handsome brother as he failed to acquire him during the draft. Was that by design?? Doesnt matter as Hamid Malik will be out there focused and ready to roll as Medina will look to hand Istanbul their first of many losses. Istanbul has improved alot from last year and are looking to shed that bottom dweller image as they look to make an example out of the defending champs, Medina. Istanbuls got alot to prove this year and it all starts tonight. Istanbul vs Medina... Zain "one Direction" Malik vs. Mo "The Kala Mamba" .. Who ya got???