Week 7 Games Recap

Medina vs Cordoba:

Medina started the hot, by scoring 7 in the first inning. Ismail Akhter had 2 home runs with is first 2 at bats as Cordoba was missing their pitcher yet again to start the game. However, it was a one sided game after the first innings. With Hamza Waheed at the mount, Codoba was a different team and was able to stop Medina from scoring in the last 4 innings. Cordoba put on a clinic of base hits which resulted in them scoring 23 runs in total. Cordoba was able to mercy Medina in the 6th inning with the score of 23-8. Medina has the ability to match any team offensively but they were missing one of the league best Short stop, Hassan Chaudhry which is causing defensive gap. The next time these two team meet, it can be a showstopper.

Medina 8 @ Cordoba 23


Cordoba vs Lahore:

Cordoba faced Lahore in their second game of the double header.  Cordoba came in hot after putting up 23 runs in their previous game. However, Lahore with the league best defense was able to slow Cordoba down. 
Cordoba chipped in a few runs almost every innings to gain a slight lead of 12-8 at the end of 6th inning. Top of 7th Cordoba put in 4 more runs to take the lead of 16-8. Lahore, had a small run in their last inning, but it was too little and too late. This game only had cumulative two homes run and both teams will need their big bats to step up. Lahore with a double header next week will need to chip in runs to support their great defence. Cordoba on the other hand would love to continue their streak as they have not lost since 0-4 start.

Cordoba 16 @ Lahore 11


Cairo vs Istanbul:

A short handed Istanbul entered this game knowing that they had their work cut out for them. Missing key players Zain Malik and Riyad Ramjaun at short stop and Pitcher respectively the squad opted to add BSL veteren and everyones favouroute friendly lawyer Omar Chaudhry to the mix. Unfortunately there is only so much an A lister like Omar can do when the majority of the squad are playing positions that they are not use to.  Istanbul were able to put up 8 runs with the help of 3 home runs from Omar Chaudhry, WK, and Imran Choudhry (first of his career). Cairo responded with 23 runs of there own, with home runs courtesy of Abdullah Akhter, Home run leader Ali Chaudhry and a Grand Slam by Saad Husnain


This Game is our featured game of the week, Click here to watch the game!

Cairo 24 @ Istanbul 8