Week 5 Games Recap

Istanbul vs Cairo:
Last time these 2 teams faced off, Cairo had their way with Istanbul. This time however, Istanbul made all the right adjustments and were ready for fight. Istanbul was coming off their second win in a tightly contested game and were trying to build off that energy. Cairo had been unstoppable coming into this game winning all their games and looking to maintain that perfect record.
This game started off with fireworks as Istanbul quickly took a lead thanks to Waseem Kala’s 3 run dinger. His first of the season with hopefully many more to come. That lead was quickly diminished as Cairo went into cruise control for the next few innings lead by a 3 run Ali Chaudry homerun. Abdullah Akhter contributed with 3 incredible hits raking in 4 RBI’s while Miqdad Jaffer going 3 of 4 at bat contributing with 2 RBI’s. On Istanbul’s side, Hamid Malik and Zaki Bhatti combined for 0/6 at bat combining for only 1 RBI. Their team mates had to pick up their slack as Istanbul would need all the help they could get.  Imran Qureshi, Jav Ahmed, Imran Choudhry and Riyad Ramjaun were perfect on this night combining for a total of 12 for 12 at bat bringing in a total of 8 RBI’s and 2 walks.
Fast forward to the last inning where Istanbul was down by 6. These boys rallied back to the tie the game with the winning out at 2nd. With the final hit in this inning, Riyad tried to beat the throw to home for the win but fell a couple of steps short sending this game into extra action. Due to time restrictions, next player to cross home plate would end the game without giving the opposing team a chance. Cairo was up to bat first, looking to seal the deal in this inning and maintain that undefeated record but Istanbul was standing their ground with the “your gonna have to kill me to get through me” attitude. With one out, Istanbul had a chance to make an easy snag in the outfield but the ball was fumbled leading to an extra base. That would prove costly as the next batter smashed the ball in the gap allowing the runner at 2nd to sprint home to beat the throw. Game over!! Cairo wins this one in a thriller and ends Istanbul’s night in heartbreak!   
This loss was mainly on Istanbul themselves as they made several errors on the defensive end missing some easy outs by just fumbling the ball. If Istanbul can clean up their fielding a bit and keep their bats rolling, they can be very quietly become the dark horse in this league.

Istanbul 15 @ Cairo 16


Cairo vs Medina:

During this video Featured game, the once undefeated mighty Cairo was finally brought down to their knees as the "Titan Killer" Medina brought their A game to this bought. Ismail Akhter lead the charge against the titans going 2/3 for the night with a home run, bringing in 6 Runs! GM Mohamed Kala also had a stellar night going 3 for 4 bringing in 3 runs as well. Hassan "Super Mario" Chaudhry was great offensively and defensively as he showed his brother Ali just how great of a short stop Hassan can be. The game can be seen here on youtube: Cairo @ Medina

This Game is our featured game of the week, click here to watch!

Cairo 4 @ Medina 11


Lahore vs Cordoba:

Cordoba Came out firing on all cylinders looking for their first win in week 5. Cordoba or "Cobra" as the team refers to themselves came out with a new team motto: “Strike First, Strike Hard and No Mercy”. Lahore was only able to put up a single run in the first inning while Cordoba responded with 4 runs courtesy of their top. Cordoba struck hard again in the bottom of the 3rd inning by putting up another unanswered 4 runs. Hamza Waheed was stellar on the mound by striking out 7 lahorians. Cordoba responded with some long ball by way of Ahmad Ammad hitting a blast to straight away centre, almost making it to Mississauga Rd Lahore showed very little life in this one, a far cry from their normal selves until the last inning when Lahore was able to conjure up 4 runs, courtesy of Omar Khans First BSL Home run. The contest ended with Cordoba earning their first 

Lahore 6 @ Cordoba 10


Cordoba vs Istanbul (Week 3 make up Game):

Cordoba still hungry from their first win, squared off against Instanbul Sunday July 22, a day normally reserved for BSL Sundays. Many of the guys on both teams played two games already and had to really fill up on Popeye's Chicken to get ready for their 3rd game of the day. Cordoba had more to prove to themselves and the league that they were not chump change, while Istanbul with a nail biting loss against Cairo a few days prior were ready to stomp on the Cobras. Unfortunately in the first few innings, a rocket hit by Abdul "Hulk" Butt down the middle was palmed by Riyad Ramjaun leaving him with excruciating pain. This forced him to leave the game and allow back up pitcher Taqi Ahmed to enter the hot spot. Cordoba took advantage of this pitcher change and walked a total of 11 times during the course of the game. During the last inning with two outs, an Istanbul fighter thought to even the score by shooting down the middle himself with a rocket of his own. Unfortunately For Hamza Waheed, starter pitcher for Cordoba, who was trying to catch the ball also palmed it resulting in him leaving the game also. Zain Malik was interviewed after the game and assured the league that this was not intentional. Bilal Javed stepped up to the mound as a relief pitcher. With two outs and down by 8 Istanbul hoped to start a rally and also take advantage of Cordoba's pitcher switch. Taqi Ahmed came up to the plate and swung on the first down the middle pitch, popping it up and ending the game. We caught up with both pitchers, and both were medically cleared to play the next game by their medical staff. Cordoba, a win less team a few days prior now has a win streak of 2. Cordoba 20 @ Istanbul 12